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Hi everyone!! It's that time of week where the latest case-file is revealed over at CSI. When I first saw this palette, it reminded me so much of the birthday card I made for my Mom earlier this year, the colors were so similar and I could not wait to try them out on a full size layout!! I found this beautiful photo of my niece Delilah the other day that just matched this case so perfectly I had to use it. Besides I was beginning to feel bad because I was yet to scrap a photo of her.

Before I get started I just wanted to mention that someone left me a comment saying they wish I had you-tube video's. Unfortunately I do not have the equipment necessary to film my work, nor the skill to edit it, though I am hoping to change that within the next 6 - 12 months. This comment did remind me though that it has been a really long time since I shared a step-by-step tutorial with you, so I have done one for this layout. I hope you will stick around and have a read through and perhaps find something to inspire you!!

Case-file 128:

For the evidence I have used: 
Flowers, Fruit: Lots of beautiful Prima flowers.
Beads, Pearls: One or two of my flowers have pearl centers.
Rosettes: There are a couple of handmade rosettes on the page.
Chalkboard Element: I have cut a couple of chalkboard frames from MME's Chalk Studio Collection and placed them at the top and bottom of the page and in my layers too.
Distressing: I always distress the edges of my paper, fray the edges of my calico, ect. for that distressed look.
Ribbon/Bow: I have used ribbon to tie a bow then placed a little metal, diamante bow on top.
Frame, Metal: The chalkboard frames, and the wire frame behind my photo, plus I have used a few different metal embellishments.
Punches: I have punch two strips of paper and pasted them to the top and bottom of my layout.

For my Testimony I have written my journaling on the chalkboard frame at the bottom of the page, and I have also used the Inspiration word 'Walk'.

Here is my take on this case:

'She Is A Delight'

Some close-ups:

I must confess, I have never really gotten into the whole chalkboard thing before, but when I cut these frames to use on this layout I kinda fell in love!!!

Here I have staggered my embellishments, one on top of the other, to help blend the photo, which sits quite high, into the page.

Some Prima embellies and the 7 Gypsies key painted white with gesso for a resin look.

The frame amongst these layers and the photo corners were given the same treatment as the key. 

One of my fave things about this layout is the chipboard scroll at the top with the blue Prima flower!! 

Here is the tutorial:

 Step1: Select what paper/card you wish to use for your background. I have chosen plain white paper. Using a palette knife scrape gesso up and down the page, forming a rough 'circle' where you want your papers, photos, and other elements to sit.

Step 2: When the gesso is completely dry, lay a mask of your choosing (I have used a damask stencil by Kaisercraft) on your background and randomly scrape gesso through it, mostly keeping to the area of your background already covered with gesso, and don't worry if the gesso seeps under the mask. Dry it with a heat gun so the gesso bubbles up.

Step 3: Using watercolor paints (I have used lilac, pale blue, and mint green), a size 1 round brush, and lots of water begin to paint your background, working on small sections at a time. In some ares I have painted the raised pattern roughly with one color, and the background with another. In other areas I have just painted both background and raised areas the same color. Occasionally tilt the page up as you go and allow the paint to drip down the page. Add flicks of watercolor randomly on the background.

Step 4: Stamp a few butterflies onto your background, then also paint them with watercolor, adding a darker purple this time. I have used a much thicker consistency paint here, letting it sit on each butterfly while i painted the rest. When they were all done I brushed some clean water over them, then used a paper towel to dab away the thicker, excess watercolor paints. You may need to repeat this step a few times until your happy with the way it looks. I have also used a Kaisercraft texture stamp to add some triangle to the top and the bottom of the page, though I end up mostly covering this later. (I must apologize, because I did have a photo for this step, and I accidentally deleted it when transferring them to the computer).

Step 5: Using a smaller paintbrush, add water to some Ranger's Perfect Pearls, and brush it over all the raised area's of the design, even those you have not covered with watercolor. This creates a beautiful shimmer on the background like mists do.

Step 6: Set your background aside for a little while to prepare some of the other elements for you page. Using craft wire in 2 different sizes, twist it, and turn the thicker wire to create a circle like frame, do this a few times. Don't worry if it's not perfect... the wonkier, the better!!! Make 2 of these. Then using the smaller wire, wrap it around roughly one half of the first frame. When your done paint them both white with gesso. Don't worry if you miss bits.... It all adds to the shabby, distressed look. When both are dry, place one on top of the other and tie them together with a small piece of wire.

Step 7: Grab some metal embellishments you would like to use on the page. I have used 2 photo corners, a key, and a silver bookplate. Paint them all white with gesso. It gives a resin like appearance to them. Set aside to dry.

Step 8: While you have your gesso out, also paint your chipboard with it. I have used 2 leafy small leafy stems, and a scroll.

Step 9: When dry, set aside your leaves, they will stay mostly white. Using the same light blue and lilac paint you used on the background, begin to paint over the gesso on your chipboard scroll, blending it in as you go, so that the gesso still shows through in some parts. When the watercolor is dry, once again paint over it with the perfect pearls.

Step 10: The last thing you need to do, before you can begin putting your layout together is make a couple of rosettes. I have done this by drawing a scallop pattern across the paper (below), how ever you can just as easily use a punch, especially if you prefer a fancier flower!! Cut along the line, and make sure the bottom is cut straight. Then fold. I have folded the paper upwards at every point between the scallops, and downwards in the middle of each scallop. I find it easier to do all the folds first one way, and then all the folds the other.

Step 11: Glue the ends of your rosette together, now you should have a folded piece of paper wrapped in a circle that you can put a few fingers through. Fold your rosette outwards and press it down flat against some card that is covered in glue, pushing it towards the middle from the outside. It's best to hold it down for a few seconds or it will most likely pop back up. When it is dry add a small circle of glitter paper and an enamel dot to the center.

Step 12: Punch 2 thin strips of paper, and glue them to the top and the bottom of the page. Cut out your patterned papers for your photo mat and distress the edges. Layer your papers together and begin sticking down to your page adding a layer of foam tape between each piece of paper. Tuck a chalkboard frame in amongst the layers. Add your wire frame to the top of your photo mat and secure in place with glue. I have also twisted through my frame some pale grey bakers twine. Place a paper straw at the bottom of your papers.

Step 13: Tear some calico and distress its edges by hand, leaving lots of loose threads, and secure to the back of your photo. Place your photo onto the layout above the frame. You may want to add some more foam tape (layer the squares together) in the middle of the frame so your photo doesn't dip in the middle. Cut out another chalkboard frame and cut it in half. Place one half at the top of the page. The second half at the bottom.

Step 14: Begin to embellish your page. Place one of your rosettes to the right of the photo, partially beneath your papers. Add one of the painted photo corners to the bottom left of the photo, the key along the right side, and a peg covered in black paper above it. Add a Prima flower and whitewashed wood icon.

Step 15: Continue to build up your layers. Place your painted bookplate lengthwise beside you photo (left side).  Add some more Prima flowers, and a whitewashed wood butterfly. Add some netting amongst your layers and embellishments. Wrap a Prima rose stem around your chipboard flourish, just off center, then secure it to the top of the page in the center of the chalkboard frame using foam tape.

Step 16: Now that most of the larger elements are in place, finish off your embellishing by adding some smaller flowers, Prima junkyard findings, the bow, epoxy pebbles and your leafy chipboard stems. Layer them up around the page, adding them where they are needed to balance and complete the page.

Step 17: Choose some word stickers for your title and place them on black paper before cutting it out, being sure to leave a border so that it doesn't become invisible against the background. I have painted a circle on top of the pebbles with gesso, and when that was dry I painted them with blue watercolor. All that's left is to add your journaling to the chalkboard frame at the bottom of the page using a silver pen. I also used the pen to outline the chipboard leafy stems. 
Now you should have your finished page!! 

I hope you found the tutorial helpful!!! I know it was a little long and for that you have my apologies, but its impossible to cram three and a half hours of work into only a few paragraphs without missing the point entirely!!! Though any feedback, or tips on how to make my tutorials shorter would be most welcome!! Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great weekend!!


  1. What a stunning page, Jacqueline! So many beautiful details to discover here! Thank you for making the tutorial for CSI!

  2. very very beautiful thank you pour le tuto
    bises pretty

  3. An really pretty layout. Thank you for sharing your creative process. It's my first time on your blog and thoroughly enjoying your layouts. Love the energy of your pages .... How perfect for a lil boy.


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